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Frequently Asked Questions

Definition of Terms

Buyer's Information Sheet

a form that contains client's essential personal information like contact details, address and etc.

Contract to Sell (CTS)

a contract governing a purchase of a specific unit/house and lot whereby the terms and conditions of the sale, such as but not limited to the payment terms and transfer of ownership, are stated.

Deed of Absolute Sale (DAS)

a contract executed by the seller and the buyer whereby the seller unconditionally transfers to the buyer all its rights, interests and title to the property subject of the sale and the buyer thereby accepts it.

Letter of Guarantee (LOG)

a written guarantee from the bank that the buyer has complied with the bank requirements for the release of loan to cover payment for any portion of the purchase price.

Real Estate Property Tax (REPT)

a tax levied by the Local Government Unit where the property is situated

Reservation Agreement

a document executed by the buyer, declaring his intent to purchase a specific Unit/House and Lot, together with his payment of the Reservation Fee, and subject to the approval by RLC.

Special Power of Attorney

an arrangement that grants authority to one person to act in behalf of another. The person giving authorization is called the principal while the person granted authorization to act in behalf of the principal is called attorney-in-fact. This should not be confused with the term attorney-at-law. An attorney-in-fact does not have to be a lawyer; often used when the principal is unable to act for himself because of illness, travel, disability, family problems that require immediate attention, and other similar instance. Through power of attorney, the attorney-in-fact can perform actions that the principal can such as withdrawing funds from your account, signing documents and contracts, and other financial & business actions.

Tax Declaration

a city or municipal document containing the lot/unit number, area, and location of the land/house/condominium unit as well as the name/s, address of the declarant.

Total Contract Price (TCP)

the total amount to which a unit is priced before any applicable discount or rebate is applied.

Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT)

a legal document which serves as an evidence of ownership over a parcel of land issued by the Land Registration Authority

Transfer Tax and Registration Expense

the fee assessed by the City Government for the transfer of title from RLC to the buyer/s' name.



Q: What is the coverage of the miscellaneous fee?

A: Miscellaneous fee (MF) of lot generally covers: Property-related taxes, documentation, processing/transfer fees, administrative and handling fees

Q: What are the interest rates of the Bank Financing scheme?

A: As of the most recent update, rates start at 6.75% depending on the bank and the number of years to pay.

Q: How does bank financing compare with Pag-IBIG financing?

A: Banks offer up to 25 years to pay for house & lot and 15 years to pay for lot only while Pag-IBIG offers a maximum of 30 years. However, for Pag-IBIG, interest rates vary depending on the loanable amount and the payment term. Also, banks have faster processing time than Pag-IBIG due to its additional document requirements from government agencies

Q: Which projects do we offer Pag-IBIG Financing?

A: South Square Village (SSQ). This project has been accredited with HDMF.

Q: What are your accredited banks?

A: Robinsons Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Family Bank, PS Bank, China Bank, China Savings Bank, Metrobank and Philippine National Bank (PNB)

Q: What are the advantages of having partner banks?

A: Partner banks usually offer better interest rates and longer payment terms. Plus, faster processing and added convenience as we will be assisting you with your loan application.

Q: What if I prefer a different financing scheme that is not available?

A: You shall write a request letter stating the details of the proposed financing scheme. Request is subject to approval and with corresponding admin charges. Shorter or accelerated terms are encouraged.

Q: What if I apply for a loan with a non-partner financing institution?

A: This is generally discouraged as processing takes longer due to Financing Institution’s requirements. This would possibly result to penalty charges which shall continue to accrue until the loan proceeds are obtained.

Q: Is the Reservation Fee refundable?

A: No, it is a provision in the Reservation Agreement that Reservation Fee (RF) is not refundable. RF serves as earnest money - a sum of money paid by a buyer at the time of entering a contract to indicate the intention and ability of the buyer to carry out the contract. Normally such earnest money is applied against the purchase price. Often the contract provides for forfeiture of this sum if the buyer defaults. It is a deposit or partial payment of the purchase price on sale to be consummated in the future.

Q: Does the bank charge the customer for loan processing? If yes, how much?

A: For bank, 2% - 3% of loanable amount. For existing Pag-IBIG scheme (window 2), it is already included in MF.

Q: What happens to my payments if I discontinue my account?

A: Generally, payments will be forfeited. As provided for in the Reservation Agreement/Contract to Sell, we have the right to cancel your reservation and forfeit your payments as liquidated damages in the event of withdrawal on this agreement on your part, or failure to pay any installment.

Q: Are there options for buyers who are experiencing financial difficulty?

A: Yes, you may opt to downgrade, or execute a Transfer of Rights and/or restructure of payment. However, these are offered on a case to case basis and are subject to fees and approval.

Q: Do you provide assistance in processing loan applications through Pag-IBIG and partner banks?

A: Yes. Our Sales Documentation Team may facilitate your loan application with our partner financing institutions.

Q: What happens if I fail to pay my dues on the due date?

A: There is a 5-day grace period from the due date which includes weekends and holidays.
Should the payment be made within the 5-day grace period, no penalties shall be charged to your account. Please note that the grace period is not applicable to Cash and Spot DP payments or those with special approval. For payments made beyond the said due date, 3% penalty per month of due amount shall apply as a penalty per month.
Example: Due date is every 7th of the month.
If payment is made until 12th of the month – no penalties
If payment is made on the 13th of the month – there will be pro-rated penalties on the 6-day delay in payment.

Q: What are the available payment facilities?

A: Over-the-counter at our Cashier at Robinsons Homes office
Robinsons Bank – Payment slip should be requested from Robinsons homes
Cebuana Lhuiller – Request for account number from Robinsons Homes


Q: Can I request for the expansion of my unit after full construction of the house?

A: Yes. Upon turn-over of the unit through issuance of Authority to Move In, you can submit plans for approval for the said house extension which should be in accordance with the Deed of Restrictions (DOR).


(Assumption: Subdivision is still being managed by Robinsons Homes)

Q: What is the maximum height of the house?

A: 9 meters. Designs are subject to the provisions in the DOR.

Q: What is the purpose of the Construction Bond?

A: (1) To ensure compliance with the DOR (2) To compensate for damages on village facilities caused by / during house construction if any.

Q: Is the Construction Bond refundable?

A: Yes, the Construction Bond shall be refunded to the Owner, less administrative fees, if it is in accordance with the approved plans and/or DOR.

Q: Is Construction Bond required even if I will just construct a fence?

A: Yes. Fence and any other construction shall require a bond for all subdivision brands.

Q: Can I create my own house design?

A: Yes. As long as the house design is not 90% similar to what Robinsons Homes is offering on the project site, and in accordance to the subdivision’s design theme. You will just have to submit the plan for approval, through the Customer Care Team.


Q: Are cable TV, internet, and land phone available?

A: There is a provision for the above-mentioned services.


Q: How much are the HOA dues?

A: HOA dues range from P2.00 - P5.00 per square meter. Upon its eventual turn-over to HOA, the rates may increase or decrease depending on the operational expenses of a subdivision. HOA dues will be collected already upon creation of HOA.
(The HOA dues collected goes directly to the bank account of the association. None of it goes to Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC). This is always a misnomer. The funds collected belong to the HOA.)

Q: Who takes care of subdivision maintenance before the turnover date?

A: Before turn-over, RLC manages the subdivision.

Q: Who can use the clubhouse and other subdivision amenities?

A: Subdivision amenities may be used by homeowners and their immediate family members.
For the use of Clubhouse and other amenities, a fee will apply to cover for the lease of the facility, electricity and maintenance cost. Only the registered / recorded buyer may request for the use of the facility. In the event that a person other than the buyer requests for it, he/she will have to execute an SPA to authorize said person. Forms are available at Property Management Group (PMG) or Customer Care Department.

Q: Is the use of clubhouse and other amenities free of charge?

A: It is not free of charge. A minimal fee is charged to buyers to cover for the use which includes electricity, water, and use of space/amenities like any other lease. Once it is turned over to the HOA, it is the HOA who determines whether it will be free or not. We can provide a list of the rates we are implementing in our subdivisions. Please take note that these rates are mandated by the Corporation.

Q: How can I pay my HOA dues?

A: HOA dues are paid through bank deposit. The particular bank will be determined after registration of HOA. Each HOA has its own account number. Validated deposit slip should be emailed to PMG or Customer Care for proper documentation.

Q: Can we refuse membership in the HOA?

A: No, since automatic membership is provided for in the DOR for all our projects.

Q: Will I be paying less dues in case I do not have a house yet?

A: No. Assessment of HOA is based on the area of a lot, regardless if there is a house on the lot.

Q: When will the subdivision be turned-over to HOA?

A: The subdivision shall be turned over to the HOA when it is complete with all the facilities and utilities. However, the open spaces and roads may be turned over to the LGU as mandated under Presidential Decree 957, as amended by P.D. 1216.

Q: What are the next steps after my unit has been fully paid?

A: For a lot purchase, request for the following:

  • Inspection of lot / turnover of concrete lot monuments
  • Certificate of full payment
  • Requirements and procedure for house and/or fence construction
  • Copy of Contract To Sell

**Deed of Absolute Sale will be released simultaneously with the Title.

Q: Who can I contact for queries and requests?

A: The Customer Care Department thru the following:
Trunk line: (+632) 8397 0358
Mobile: (+63) 0998-840-2606