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Robinsons Homes Kicks Off 2020 and Aims to Make It a Phenomenal Year

January 24, 2020
Robinsons Homes, one of the four resi­dential brands of  the leading prop­erty developer Robinsons Land Corp. (RLC), held its annual Sales Kickoff Event at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria in Quezon City last January 23, 2020. This year the theme was “Make It. The Robinsons Homes 2020 Sales Kick Off”. Robinsons Homes claims to Make 2020 a Phenomenal Year, no excuses and the goal is to deliver.
The commemoration of Robinsons Homes Sales Rally started with an ecstatic performance held by the UAAP Cheer Alliance filled with stunts, tosses, pyramids, and dance. Included in their performance was the unveiling of the 12 Make It Statements that would be tools in making 2020 the  biggest year for Robinsons Homes – Be Proactive, Be Consistent, Be Passionate, Be Innovative, Be Resilient, Be Committed, Be Fearless, Be Focused, Be Ethical, Be Engaged, Be Creative, and Be Accountable. As a symbol of the participants’ 100% commitment to making 2020 their best year, they were asked to claim their Make It Statement Shirts and to affix their signatures on it. The celebration was graced by the presence of Robinsons Land Corporation’s Executive Vice President, Mr. Faraday Go.
 A very special kind of teambuilding was in store for the audience that was spearheaded by a theatrical group named Roleplayers. They provided a highly customized program which used the fundamentals of theater to educate and empower the audience.
The second segment of the program began with the audience finally changing into their Make It shirts, a first step to gearing up for 2020. Ms. Cora Ang Ley, Robinsons Homes Business Unit General Manager, alongside Ms. Ruby Rivera, Head of Sales and Ms. Marianne Estabillo, Permits and Licenses Head & Sales Operations Head for Vismin, then awarded the Top Sellers who worked with so much passion and gusto that made 2019 their year.
As the program came to an end, Ms. Cora Ang Ley left her Robinsons Homes team a special message, also citing an online quote which truly captured the spirit and essence of the Sales Rally - Don’t Wait For It Happen, Go Make It Happen.
The UAAP Cheerdance Alliance stepped back on stage for the culminating activity – a Flash Mob. They taught the audience dance moves that everyone performed together. Part of the routine was the unraveling of the 2020 targets for the whole Robinsons Homes family. The celebration ended with a wine toasting with the entire Robinsons Homes team.